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Are You:

A freeholder living on a private estate?

Stuck with a service charge you cannot influence?

Being bullied or harassed if you with hold payment for poor service or high charges?

As angry as a hornet?

Then join our campaign to get a fair deal.

There is a big national increase in new build estates to meet government policy on housing. Most of them are being delivered by a few large construction firms. In recent years they have increasingly implemented the private estate model where the common and surrounding land the developers own is not adopted by the local council, but either retained by the developer or sold to a land management company.  Freeholders on these estates find that they are bound by their transfer deeds to pay a service charge to a monopoly which is unaccountable to them. So home owners are paying for a service which can be delivered how the developers/land company like, when they like, by whom they like and at what cost they like.  There is no practical redress under current law as most freeholders don’t want the risk and cost of going to court.  This document from ARMA explains exactly what it means to be a freeholder on a private estate and how it is different from being a leaseholder.  If you own a freehold property and find you have to pay a service charge then you have come to the right place.

Most commonly this situation applies to new build properties, but there have been some cases concerning ex council houses too.

This site has been set up as a place for home owners affected by this unregulated market to support each other and campaign for a change in the law.