What can we do?

Feeling isolated? Want to know what you can do – there is much more than you think! You are not alone!

You can:

  • Write to your MP
  • Print and distribute leaflets on your own and neighbouring new build estates. Download here.
  • Get together with your neighbours
  • Join our forum and/or active Face Book group.
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • If you are in a union, raise the issue of this unfair double tax, lack of rights, creeping land privatisation.
  • Let us know you are out there – send your estate details.
  • Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Write to your management company saying you are in dispute with them due to poor service/high fees and with hold part payment. For guidance look at this guidance1
  • Also take a look at this official guide to the Small Claims Court.
  • Members experience to date (August 2017) is that the small claims courts are not equipped to deal with service charge disputes, and simply look at the TP1 (written by the developer) which is often vague and biased towards the management company and decide that you have to pay up. This has happened to members even when they have put up a defence. We don’t know of anyone who has successfully challenged in the small claims courts, so beware. If it was as easy as that, we would not need to campaign for a change in the law!  The bottom line is that there is little you can do as an individual, but much you can do by engaging with our campaign.

We can:

  • Put you in touch with other members.
  • Provide Guidance based on pooled knowledge.
  • Help you to feel less isolated.
  • Support each other in campaigns.

Spread the Word

We want to put pressure on government to change the law to give us a fair deal and reasonable consumer protection as freeholders on private estates. The more people we have on board the better, you can choose how much or how little action to take for yourself.  At least become a Face Book group member or comment/contact the site so we know you are there!  Follow us on Twitter at

Please invite your friends and neighbours either online or print off and distribute our Campaign_leaflet.

The Scottish Case

A group of freeholders have been fighting their land owning management company (Greenbelt) for some years culminating in a test case at the Lands Tribunal for Scotland in August 2015. You can view a summary of the verdict here.

This article which is easily understood, from the Scottish Law Society Journal gives a very good summary of the issues.

Estates Directory

Please check to see if your estate is in the directory, if not let us know via

Home Owners Alliance

A pressure group offering help and advice for home owners which lobbies the government for a fair deal. This group is aware of the issues for freeholders on private estates.  See their site – you may wish to become a member or participate in their forum.

Other New Home Problems

If you have landed here looking for help with the many other problems related to new build homes, then take a look at  There is a wealth of helpful information, especially about how to complain/take action.