Call To Action!

Every vote counts! Please sign this petition and get all your friends, family and neighbours to help. We know there are probably about 1 million households on private estates – so we could easily reach the target of 100,000 signatures. This important petition is asking the government to tackle the fundamental unfairness of estate dwellers funding the maintenance of public open spaces, which should be publicly owned and maintained.

link to petetion


2 Replies to “Call To Action!”

  1. Scandalous that house builders create artificial income streams by forcing private estate dwellers to pay additional and onerous annual service fees that they are already paying for via council tax. Totally unacceptable

  2. All the BIG house builders do it, I feel that this is a way to get round onerous planning regulations, as in our road part of the road surface is all ready wearing out – after just four (4) years.

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