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In response to the recommendations of the select committee on Leasehold Reform, which also took evidence concerning fleecehold, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have finally caved and begun an investigation. Although entitled leasehold (as was the select committee) we need to submit evidence about the problems of exploitation and abuse we face over how estate charges are represented to us and then operated.

They should be interested in misrepresentation at the point of sale. So if you were told the estate charge was just for cutting some grass and later found there was much more to it, including liabilities for things like sub standard roads, broken pumping stations, contaminated land etc. this would be relevant.

If you have a rent charge were you sold the house as freehold? Were you advised there was a charge on the property which could be repossessed in the event of non payment?

Did you have any idea estate charges were unregulated and uncapped, and that you had no statutory route for redress??

Since your purchase has your charge risen dramatically? Does your management company/agent respond to requests for information to justify costs?

Do you have any choice of provider? The CMA really should be interested in the monopoly aspect.

All you need to do is to email the miscellaneous and/or mis-selling address given on this page with your story. There are full instructions on the page. The louder our voice the better, so please take action before 12th July!!! Please also copy in your MP – if you don’t know who they are or hoe to contact them you can find out here:


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  1. I’ve written to my mp Owen Patterson asking to support your efforts. I have recently purchased a freehold property but recently realised I’m about to be transferred to an estate management company, their reviews on trustpilot are scary

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