Electoral Promises

The general election campaign is well underway and HorNets are still working away contacting their local candidates with many positive responses. The issue of private estate charges has always been considered cross party, and so far we have the Labour Party Manifesto promising “We will act to bring the injustice of ‘fleecehold’ private housing estates and unfair maintenance costs to an end.” and George Galloway has made personal contact with the residents of Rochdale via our co-ordinator who is a constituent. This has resulted in his backing of our campaign for the ending of “fleecehold”.

We encourage all of our supporters to press their candidates of any party or none to pledge support for the ending of privately managed public spaces on estates in favour of universal adoption.

Keep it up HorNets – great work so far!

Don’t forget you can use our policy briefing to inform your discussion with the candidates.


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