Fun Video!

But with a serious message about the fundamental unfairness of estate charges on new housing estates. These areas should be adopted by the council, but developers will not volunteer for this when it saves them so much money in construction costs and provides a nice little earner for their friends in property management.

We love that the film makers are also highlighting the arbitrary nature of who pays and who doesn’t AND the fact that estate charges affect leasehold as well as “freehold” properties. Thanks to Chris and Paul for sharing. Enjoy!!!


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  1. I note the following from the (very lengthy) disclaimer on the page:

    “Disclaimer: Neither Producers, Writers nor Actors of these videos make any representation with respect to the accuracy, fitness or completeness of this video (…) The information contained in these videos is strictly for entertainment purposes only (…) Viewers should never take any information perceived from these videos at face value.”

    When can Hornet hear from someone reliable, who has actually done their due diligence?

    1. It’s a exercise to cover my self because I have no money to afford to be taken to court by people with deep pockets that’s why there is a huge disclaimer at the end! My point of the video is a valid point but thanks for making this comment it highlights that we are indeed getting to the people behind this mess 🙂 we will continue as clearly it’s working!

    2. For the record I put a huge disclaimer on the bottom to cover myself and those involved as I don’t have deep pockets should anyone object and try to take me to court! The fact is out of the 5 estates on that video the first AgustaPark has a Charge (Blenheim Management Company), Second off Foxglove Way has no Charge (Council tax only), third Wyndom Park has a Charge, fourth Forde Park at Abbey Manor has no Charge (council tax only) across the road to Shrewsbury Road they have a Charge and the final Estate around the corner at Brimsmore no Charge (council tax only) ! That’s is 100% FACT Clearly We Are Getting To You although this was directed at the councils failure to adopt…..

  2. I live it, so I know it’s true.
    It pays for your kids to have private education and for your families’ luxury holidays.
    Looking forward to the day you parasites have to get a proper job and make a useful contribution to society.

  3. Excellent video. Thankyou Chris and Paul for making the situation so clear. I think there are still plenty of people with their heads in the sand , and this is using creative methods to reach them.

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