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The government is consulting on Property Management rip offs – this closes at the end of November.

Now is the time to ask your MP to make representations on your behalf, just as Kelly Tolhurst has done – read in Hansard here – send the link to your MP.…/PropertyManagementCompanyFe…

Tell them how many constituents live on your estate, it is not just you. Give any examples and evidence of how the rip off affects you.

If you agree with the points below say what solutions you prefer them to advocate. Send them a copy of our APPG briefing – find it here.

In summary and in order of preference the potential solutions are:

Compulsory adoption with the possibility of a more local tax like a parish precept to fund maintenance.

Common hold. Has the major advantage of eliminating the third party beneficiary whether it be an inefficient housing association or a predatory land owning property manager. Allows direct accountability to the fee payer and introduces competition to the management market, thus reducing the need for over regulation.

A poor third is regulation, it doesn’t work well for leasehold home owners and only props up a fundamentally unfair system.

Use the box on our web site if it will make it easier for you at

Don’t forget to fill in the survey yourself!!


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