Shattered Dreams?

We are sold a dream and often find a nightmare on new build estates. One of our members has written this poem which expresses what many of us feel :-

We bought a dream home ,

It was a new build

We thought our dreams were all fulfilled

The developers deceit became at large

When We found out there was a service charge

It was all legal how can this be

We discovered there’s was a permission fee

This was shocking news to me

To pay for consent for a conservatory

You own the house but not the land

This was difficult to understand

So then we joined HORNET & the NLC

To find there were thousands duped like me

With predatory investors waiting to swoop

On new build leaseholds where people are duped

Developers we trusted and their legal teams

We soon found things were not what they seemed

We don’t own the house only the lease

And ever since we had no peace

Council tax & estate fees untold

We realised we only bought fleecehold

The government know this system is wrong

But their promise of reform is taking too long

With a new housing minister year on year

They make out they listen but don’t seem to hear

They know this feudal systems not fair

But they turn a blind eye

They don’t seem to care

But bit by bit we are chipping away

And they’ll soon have to act on what we say

This white collar crime and capitalist reign

Will bring them all down and they’ll feel our pain

Hopefully one day there will be commonhold

And all the investors companies fold

And the greedy bastards all end up broke

With all the ill gotten gains up in smoke

Hopefully they look to the future with dread

With the housing market turned on its head

Home owners in charge of where their money is spent

And not have to pay a penny ground rent

And all the dodgy Manco’s going bust

Replaced by local firms we can trust

With itemised bills for all the work done

With no extra charges and estates well run

Only then we may live the dream

And hopefully all HORNET & NLC teams

Ian Rice


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