Cash to Campaign

We understand that during the pandemic, peoples finances may be under strain and also we have no plans for events requiring funding until after restrictions are lifted. With that in mind, we are not asking for donations at the moment.

When our network was first launched in 2016, costs were minimal and easily and willingly funded by co-ordinators and members alike. Until now, we have never asked for a penny from anyone.

However, we have all done such a great job – the campaign is really taking off. It has reached the point that individuals cannot sustain the cost of running the campaign without some help.

Political lobbying involves travelling to London, as does meeting with our legal team who are making progress on a group action. There is a need for publicity material – leaflets, banners, business cards. TV and radio interviews usually involve going the regional studios.

A small donation from members towards running costs via BACS to:

Home Owners Rights Network 

Sort code 30-98-97
Account Number 62928060

would help us to spread the word even further, especially if was a regular monthly amount.  Everything donated will go towards running the campaign, which is why we are not using a third party platform.

The account holders are Halima and Cathy, and we have asked another member who is an accountant to join us in running the fund and see fair play.

Every six months we will publish here and on our FaceBook group a spreadsheet of what has been donated, how much has been spent and on what.

If there are surplus funds, we could add it to any crowd funded legal case we are running, with members agreement.

When we succeed in our aims and can all put our feet up, any surplus would be donated to a campaign with similar aims, after consulting with our members.