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The Completion and Markets Authority constantly monitor issues affecting consumers in the marketplace. They can take enforcement action where laws for consumer protection have been broken. They also have a remit to prevent cartels, which we feel the new build sector has become, offering no real choice over how estates are managed.

They have taken action over doubling ground rents in new leasehold houses, and previously indicated they may look at “fleecehold” estate charges. In addition to misrepresentation at the point of sale, estate charges also generally offer little or no choice, and there is no system of redress or regulation of agents, in spite of governments promises. There is a fundamental unfairness when one set of residents fund public open spaces and facilities as happens on many new build estates now. The lack of adoption also leads to poor quality infrastructure as adoption standards are higher.

Surveys and polls of affected home owners indicate their preferred outcome is full council adoption. STOP THE ROT ADOPT THE LOT!!!

We have advocated reporting issues to the CMA since 2017 and we are delighted to say that their Market Study Report, published on 26th February 2024 recommends to government that public areas on estates should be adopted rather than privately managed. It is now up to government to act on these recommendations and the focus of our campaign will be around ensuring no one is left out.

Many thanks to all who have reported in the past and responded to consultations. It is your actions which have got us this far! Unless you have evidence of cartel like activity, then writing to them may no longer be helpful as they have already done the work! However, if you do still want to tell your story you can write to:-

For more guidance see the CMA’s own page at

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