New Information on Greenbelt Action Group Site

The Greenbelt Action Group who brought the action against Greenbelt to the Scottish Lands Tribunal have recently updated their site with helpful information for both Scottish and residents of other UK areas, as they always promised to do. Find out more at their site

The long term effects and repercussions of this test case are yet to be revealed, and it is worth following what happens over time, especially since Greenbelt stopped maintaining their land and may soon face planning enforcement to do so……

Of particular interest is the Legal section and the text highlighted in red concerning consumer law and unfair contracts which you can read here


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  1. Hello

    I have been fighting Greenbelt for around 4 years now and every year receive their threatening, intimidating, and bullying letters every year. I recenctly sent a letter to the justice minister Michael Matheson which turned out to be a waste of time as his department replied they could not get involved in disputes. I have also written to Registers of Scotland requesting they declare my deeds invalid and or unenforceable on the basis of the Marriot case and stated it breached and was in conflict with the Unfair Terms Act and the Consumer rights Act. They wrote back to me and said I did not provide enough evidence, I believe I did. It should be noted that Under the Consumer Act it is an unfair term to place the burden of proof on the Consumer. It is also an unfair term if the contract was drawn up in advance and the consumer was not present to input into the contract. I could go in to alot more detail regarding the Act and will be writing to ROS in due course. It should also be pointed out that it seems apparant that ROS willingly registers a maintenance burden on my title deeds regardless if it is in conflict, or not compatable with my other statutory rights .

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