Far from Privatopia?

A New Build Estate

Entitled FAR FROM PRIVATOPIA: PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL ESTATES IN ENGLAND AND WALES this paper brings together research by Professor Susan Bright, Professor of Land Law, New College, Oxford and was published in January 2022.

The issues HorNet have learned and shared over the past 5 years or so are all mentioned, particularly the lack of transparency and redress and the fact that most buyers have not been aware of what they were getting into.

Very significantly the lack of sustainability and threat to community cohesion of this model are mentioned We are particularly keen to get this across to policy makers and are currently working on this.

You can read the paper on this link:- https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4007198

If you wish you may read and/or download a copy pdf from here.

We strongly recommend that you read this before you lobby your MP or write to the CMA.

It is a wonderful piece of evidence and should be very helpful to our campaign and we are grateful to the author for allowing, and indeed encouraging, us to share its contents widely.


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