Members in Action

We now have over 300 Face Book group members and 60 newsletter subscribers. Great progress in just 6 months! The petition started by a member has over 600 signatures – many more are needed so if you support our request to the government to reform this iniquitous set up please sign and share.

Leaflets are being printed and distributed across the country to spread the word. Campaign_leaflet

Several members are supporting each other and refusing to be bullied by taking their defence to court after with holding payment. Cases are due before the end of the year.

Some people are having fun at the sales offices posing as purchasers and asking awkward questions about the maintenance charges in the presence of unwitting new customers.

Actions to hold councils to account include freedom of information requests about section 106 agreements, complaints about lack of due diligence and demanding the landscape management plans are adhered to.

We are actively supporting each other and trust our members no longer feel isolated.


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