Effects of Rent Charges

Calling freeholders to check their deeds (TP1) for covenants referring to the rent charge owner having a right of entry to the property – see below for an example:

scan of TP1 clauses
Right of Entry Example

Even if the right of entry isn’t specified in your deeds if a rent charge is in place the right exists, so please let us know if you have either or both in your TP1. You can email, or simply comment on this post. If you have already voted on the FaceBook poll, please don’t send us the information again to avoid double counting! Thank you – have a good night’s sleep – TP1 reading is very good for insomnia!

This “right of entry” actually means a statutory lease can be taken out on your property if you don’t pay the rent charge and associated service charge.

If you are interested in finding out more about the size of the problem in England and Wales, you can follow this Freedom of Information Request.


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