Telford Group Fight in Court

A local HorNet group in Telford are defending themselves in court. It isn’t about bad debt but the principle. Home owners have been hoodwinked into signing deeds which are then used as a blunt instrument to extract payment for maintaining land which isn’t theirs and which gives them no special benefit as it is open to the general public.

This is what they say:

We contend that misleading or false information was given to us by Taylor Wimpey about the nature of the maintenance contract the covenant allows them to enforce.  Say home owners; Tracey Thatcher, Martin Walker, Tatiana Popa, Daniel Popa, Joanne Briggs, Karmjeet Singh Rai, Karolina Gryz,  Ewelina  Gryz, Edwin Chittenen, Susan Jesse,  Jaques Chiankem Fozao  
Taylor Wimpy have though their Maintenance company Mainstay have now taken us to the small claims court in Telford.  The Judge adjourned in favour of the home owners and now Mainstay have appealed. In case is due to go back to court before Judge McQueen on 27th March.


We are behind you 100%!


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    1. We are an informal network – you can join the facebook group and/or the private forum. You can email us through the contact form and subscribe to our newsletter. There are no membership fees, although we may be crowd funding to support a test case soon! Let us know you are out there – check the estates directory and if your estate isn’t listed or has incomplete information you can provide, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. Finally take as many of the actions on the Take Action page as you are comfortable with. Hope this helps!

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