We Own It!

HorNet have been in discussions with We Own It – a campaign group against privatisation of what they believe should be publicly owned and run. Their campaign is across the board, but does include parks and public green spaces. They have been made aware of the back door privatisation of public open spaces on private new build estates and are supportive of our campaign. Visit their parks page to see how they are promoting our work.

You might care to look around their site – we suspect many HorNets will be sympathetic to their general aims and would like to give them support.

Working together where our aims align will make us both more successful!


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  1. We are being exploited by the Feudal Land Grabbing Barons. They are making profit upon profit at a non-stop pace along with their shareholders. All of them already wealthy yet that is not enough. This has got to stop and the Law changed.

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