Times Article 11th August 2018

Entitled “The Potholes and Pitfalls of Life on an Unadopted Road” this article is about the modern managed private estates with some case studies of the difficulties home owners face. Home Owners Rights is promoted and the petition we support to make adoption of estates compulsory.

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Please support all estate home owners by signing this government petition. We only need a few hundred more signatures for the government to respond….


The Times December 23rd

Another article about estate management fees which rise in an uncontrolled way with no cap and as yet no right of appeal for freehold home owners  The government have announced access to the first tier Lands Tribunal. It remains to be seen if this will be a practical option for private estate management service charge disputes. The comments and replies to this article are worth a look as well. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/money/homeowners-caught-in-service-charge-nightmare-hmjmd9lgl


Members Quotes from FaceBook

This is a selection of partially anonymised quotes from our closed FaceBook group. It gives a range of views and experiences from across the UK. We have many members who could provide case studies for news articles:

On our estate, we maintain the areas but the Council set up an S106 to give the public access – grass areas and woodland. Therefore we pay to clear their litter and damage. I feel they have been hand-in-glove with developers, taking a “bribe” of cash injections for playgrounds etc. and facilitating this scam to make freehold home owners pay to maintain.
SS, Braintree
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