Reality Check on RMCs

Government appears to be under the illusion (no prizes for guessing why) that RMCs – Residents Management Companies – are the norm and are functioning well. We know from our members experiences that this is far from the truth and the contribution below reflects many of the obstacles which are put in the way of implementation. We also know that RMCs are not being implemented at all in many developments. Read on to hear one members experience:
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Tell Government NOW!

Now is the time for all HorNets to tell the government what they think about estate management charges. Their survey which is about regulating property management agents and is open to you to complete until the end of November. This is what one member wrote. The specific evidence from their estate is omitted for identity protection.

Regulating Letting and Managing Agents – response to Call
for Evidence

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this consultation.
I speak from the position of a private homeowner on a new estate of some X homes.
The public open spaces on our estate are owned and managed by ‘Y_MgAgt’.
At the end of this document I give the background to my views, as a further example for you
and to explain the basis for my responses to the consultation.
Comments on the Consultation Paper.
The paper is mostly directed at leasehold and rented properties so the questions are mostly
related to these sectors, where there are already some controls.
There are only 3 references to private homeowners paying maintenance charges, which
suggests that the similarity of our predicament has only been understood recently.
It is very important that the future controls for leaseholders should also apply to freeholders
and that provision should be made for the difference as well as similarities in the nature of
our situation.
Although charges are, in many places, fairly low, there is scope for them to increase
exponentially in the same way as the recent leaseholds. This can cause a blight on sales of
our homes.
‘Y_MgAgt’, the company which manages our Public Open Spaces, boasts that it now
manages over 000 developments, with currently 00,000 homes and another 00,000 planned.
There will be other management companies in addition to this.
This is huge.
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Keep Up The Pressure


The government is consulting on Property Management rip offs – this closes at the end of November.

Now is the time to ask your MP to make representations on your behalf, just as Kelly Tolhurst has done – read in Hansard here – send the link to your MP.…/PropertyManagementCompanyFe…

Tell them how many constituents live on your estate, it is not just you. Give any examples and evidence of how the rip off affects you.
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Back the Bill

Justin Madders MP has secured time on Tuesday 7th November to bring before parliament a bill to reform leasehold. He is also fully aware of fleecehold, so we urge all HorNets to email their MPs, asking them to support him in the debate.

If you don’t know your MPs contact details, you can use this form:

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