At Last Money Box Speaks!!

We are delighted to hear Money Box has broadcast an article based on the experiences of a pensioner who bought “freehold” to avoid leasehold on a new build development. Later she started to learn of the pitfalls, and is horrified to be sitting on a bomb!!

We have contacted the program offering to provide them with more information/evidence from our substantial membership. They have responded positively and have promised to talk to us before any future items are broadcast.

You can listen to the program broadcast first on October 5th 2019, on BBC Sounds at . The section starts just before 16 minutes in. Some excellent advice on what to ask during purchase by Beth Rudolph of the Conveyancing Association.

She advises potential purchasers to ask for “material facts disclosure” on the property along with estate maintenance budgets for the next 3 years plus management plans for the next 5 years. Our collective experience is that if people did ask these questions, the sale of new build homes on privately managed estates would dry up almost completely.


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  1. The fleecehold scandal needs full broadcasting to let potential buyers know of these pitfalls in buying a new build! This horrible scam has affected my general well-being and my overall mental health it’s really taken it toll on me the lies and lack of information these developers are giving out is totally scandalous it needs completely abolishing! The maintenance companies need to compensate all the homeowners due to there lack of work and interest and bullying and harassing techniques! And then they need removing permanently! I honestly wish I had never purchased my house i now hate it thanks to David Wilson homes!

    1. The Moneybox exposure is a step in the right direction. The OAP in question lives on my estate. Let’s take heart from people like her refusing to accept this situation, and from HORNET also.

  2. Radio 4 Moneybox Live broadcast another programme today (November 23rd) at 12.04pm, with the issue as their headline focus. It featured a couple whose prospective buyers couldn’t get a mortgage due to restrictive covenants on the freehold.

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