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We know there are many of us, but we don’t yet know figures up and down the country. Add your estate/development to our directory – it will help us all in our campaigns.  We will post the directory on our FaceBook group and on this site but will not publicise your name or email.  We ask for these details in case we need to contact you directly for more information.

Please let us know your Estate Name, UK area, number of homes, builder, management company and if it is finished yet. Please either comment here or on facebook or use this form

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    Happy Eight Week Birthday HorNet!

    In just eight weeks, HorNet has over 100 FaceBook group members and a growing number of newsletter subscribers.  This has all been by word of mouth or through FaceBook, there has not yet been a “launch” involving other organisations.

    What do you see as helping us work together to fight the injustice we face?

    Some ideas include:

    Providing a “toolkit” for campaigning- to include a leaflet to print and template letters. Also press contacts, and sympathetic politicians.

    Having volunteers from each area who would be willing to phone or meet people for a less virtual network.

    Keeping a database of numbers, locations and management companies, which would be available to members to support their case in campaigns.

    A web site forum – would you use it if you can post to FaceBook?

    Please either comment on this, or use the contact form to email your views – any ideas most welcome!





    New Homes Ombudsman in the Pipeline

    The All Party Parliamentary Group looking at problems around build quality for new home buyers/owners has not yet published its full findings, but the Chair has indicated there will be a New Homes Ombudsman – see this article.

    This is great news for people trying to get their home defects fixed and should offer an alternative to going to court.

    We don’t think the group looked at how the non adopted land is managed, but there is an opportunity to lobby for the ombudsman’s role to be extended to include this.  Please help by writing to your MP – you can use this template letter as a basis.